Hi, has anyone thought yet about the future? When I mean future I don’t mean YOUR future I mean EVERYONES future. 

I asked that rhetorical question because sometimes we don’t think about our errors and incorrections that in the forthcoming will happen, for example:
The II world war, the Spanish armada, Franco’s reign… etc…

On the other hand, there has been ameliorations that without them, they could have changed our forthcoming! For example:
Christpher Columbus’ discovery, Gaudi’s invention, U.E… etc…

Have you ever seen a movie which is about the future and talks about robots? I’ve seen them lots of times and sometimes I think that one day it could come true. Now you will think “oh, she is crazy” or “what on earth is she telling me” however, I’m not joking and one day of this, this big tragedy could come true. We will see.

Conclusion: think about the future and try to stop those incorrections or errors.