Good Morning! Today, I’m going to talk about my WORST fear, how I reacted when it happened and how I got rid of it.

Well, first of all, my parents told me that my FEAR was normal cause my big sister had it when she was the same age as me. So it was like a routine. But I wanted to get rid of it!

As I forgot to tell you, I’m afraid of the sea. I mean, I am not afraid of the water of the sea, I’m afraid of some of the creatures of the sea, like:
The jellyfish, the axolotle (even if they are nearly all extinct), the crustacea…etc…(except the fish)

As I was telling you, I started to swim each time further to the buoys. Each time I swam a bit, I got hysterical which made me wanna swim less. this was a big problem.
One day, my family wanted to take the canoe and the flippers to swim and dive. I was scared, but for achieving my fear, I had to do it.

We took turns rowing while others were swimming. After my sisters finished swimming, IT WAS MY TURN! But I didn’t wanted to do it! On the other hand, when they came to give me the flippers, they told me that they wanted to stay longer because it was great fun! So they encouraged me to do it.

Finally, I DID IT! I got rid of it! This was thanks to my family for encouraging me to do it! Especially my dad, that he was the only one to decide the trips and stuff for achieving my fear!

my dad, mum and marinaferfont

my dad, mum and marinaferfont