My life has always been UNIQUE because of my FRATERNAL twin, my FUNNY daddy, my SARCASTIC older sister and my LOUD-MOUTHED mommy.

We go to a lot of journeys together with our SUPER motorhome. We went to lots of places like:
England, Germany, Holand, France and Portugal.
America doesn’t count because I haven’t gone yet and because I’m not going to America with the motorhome.

My family , for fun, invented nicknames for us due to our personalities. Marinaferfont was called Gum by virtue of her flexibility. Claraferfont was called Sarcastic y reason of saying lots of sarcastic things. Daddy was called Big Donkey as having lots of bags and stuff. My mum was called Decision for the reason that she never gets decided. Finally, I was called gaseous considering of burbing a lot.

I never get bored with my family. they are fantastic! I love my family!