As you know, marinaferfont is my twin but not my identical twin cause identical twins are born in the same tummy and in the same bag, however, identical twins are born in the same tummy but in different bags. If you still have doubts about it, then comment on my blog and ask.  We are fraternal twins.

Well, some people in my class say that we don´t look the same. On the other hand, some people disagree. My opinion is that we don´t look the same. Seriously.

These days of June, I have been wondering about if marinaferfont and I weren´t twins. Would our lives change? Would our physic change? Would our personality change?

I believe that if we weren´t twins, my sister wouldn´t help me in lots of things cause twins can understand each other which other people can´t.  That really helped me due to my very bad way of speaking (this only happened when I was a four and I couldn´t speak Spanish well , as my first language, so I said strange things THAT ONLY MARINAFERFONT UNDERSTOOD but no one else).

I also think, that if we weren´t twins, then, we wouldn´t have done triathlons. I know this sounds crazy, but it could be true that since we are twins ,which are more delicate, this made marinaferfont to have bronchitis. After to days of incubation, the doctor told my parents that my sister needed to swim and do sport to be healthy and to get rid of the bronchitis. As you know, ourparents immediately  signed us up at a place where we did lifeguarding and swimming. Then, they singed us up to do a triathlon in a club called

If we weren´t twins, this story wouldn´t have happened and loads of stories wouldn´t also have happened. I really like to be a twin. I love my sister. I love my life.


Can you spot my twin?