Before this days of summer, a french girl called Domitille Lubineau is doing an exchange with my sister, called Clara. My parents talled me that when I was twelve or thirteen years old, I could do a Swap with Domitille’s sister, called Brunisont Lubineau. I am really nervous to meet her.

Now, the exchange girl is coming to our house and really, I’m not so nervous as I tought before because I knew how the girl was, in the photos. However, I was a bit nervous. but only a bit.

SHE IS HERE NOW!! I can’t believe it! this is so exciting!
My big sister, Clara, was telling her a lot of things in Alicante meanwhile I was playing with some friends of mine.

Two days after, we showed her “Las Hogueras de Sant Joan”. Also, we showed her lots of things like:
Las barracas, las mascletás, los fuegos artificiales… etc….

One day, our uncle decided to do like a party with food and music so my sisters and I decided to do a dance with Domitille. the song that we wanted to dance was called Up Town Funk you up. we did it very well.