My name is duri2501. I am an eleven year old girl which does lots of important and difficult exams for my future. Now, that I have finished the exams, and got an agreeable result, I will like to travel from place to another. The problem is that it will be tiring and we won’t have lots of time so I decided to go to AMERICA!!

The first time I heard that we were going to America, I thought that my parents were crazy! Especially, when they told me that I was going ONLY with my sister (marinaferfont) and my tutor (Maggie). This time, I thought that my parents needed a special treatment for LUNATICS!!

Two long days after, I thought carefully about my journey to America. After all this time, I thought that the trip was a disturbed idea, however, now I think that it could work because I’m old enough to travel without my parents. I should apologise  to them. And start the new adventure!