Club Apolana

Hi, my father put me up in a club called “1er campus deportivo Apol*Ana”.

The first day I went there, I felt butterflies in my tummy by reason of not knowing anyone and without knowing where to go. This was a big problem. On the other hand, I was excited by cause of knowing new people.

The second day wasn’t so unsatisfactory as I thought. I met new friends, new sports, new monitors…etc…

The last day was low-spirited, you know why, I will miss those guies but next year we will see us again.


The Future

Hi, has anyone thought yet about the future? When I mean future I don’t mean YOUR future I mean EVERYONES future. 

I asked that rhetorical question because sometimes we don’t think about our errors and incorrections that in the forthcoming will happen, for example:
The II world war, the Spanish armada, Franco’s reign… etc…

On the other hand, there has been ameliorations that without them, they could have changed our forthcoming! For example:
Christpher Columbus’ discovery, Gaudi’s invention, U.E… etc…

Have you ever seen a movie which is about the future and talks about robots? I’ve seen them lots of times and sometimes I think that one day it could come true. Now you will think “oh, she is crazy” or “what on earth is she telling me” however, I’m not joking and one day of this, this big tragedy could come true. We will see.

Conclusion: think about the future and try to stop those incorrections or errors.

My Hero

Hello, in this big world I know 1000 people, I have 100 friends, I have 10 close  friends and I have 1 hero.

That hero always helped me. That hero always made me feel safe. Even if we didn´t like the same things, that hero granted me awesome ideas which made us do things together. That hero never nagged or struck me (except in a few occasions but that  doesn´t matter). 

I went to a lot of places with HER and went on adventures. We had few problems or issues. Subsequently, I know that that person is the best thing that has happened in my life.


Next year 8 class.

Hello, today I am going to talk about what my next year class and teacher might be. However, I’m not sure about it.

First of all, before I talk about my new class and pupils, I would like to say that for not repeating that same year you have to get good marks. I’ve gotten OUTSANDING marks in the exams! Yahoo!

I think that my class is going to be the same as last year. Well….some people will come….. Well “new people”…… But… know….its not going to change so much….. We will see!! On the other hand, I think that my teachers are going to be a bit more strict but nice.

The thing that worries me a lot are THE EXAMS. I think that they are going to be much more difficult.


My fear!

Good Morning! Today, I’m going to talk about my WORST fear, how I reacted when it happened and how I got rid of it.

Well, first of all, my parents told me that my FEAR was normal cause my big sister had it when she was the same age as me. So it was like a routine. But I wanted to get rid of it!

As I forgot to tell you, I’m afraid of the sea. I mean, I am not afraid of the water of the sea, I’m afraid of some of the creatures of the sea, like:
The jellyfish, the axolotle (even if they are nearly all extinct), the crustacea…etc…(except the fish)

As I was telling you, I started to swim each time further to the buoys. Each time I swam a bit, I got hysterical which made me wanna swim less. this was a big problem.
One day, my family wanted to take the canoe and the flippers to swim and dive. I was scared, but for achieving my fear, I had to do it.

We took turns rowing while others were swimming. After my sisters finished swimming, IT WAS MY TURN! But I didn’t wanted to do it! On the other hand, when they came to give me the flippers, they told me that they wanted to stay longer because it was great fun! So they encouraged me to do it.

Finally, I DID IT! I got rid of it! This was thanks to my family for encouraging me to do it! Especially my dad, that he was the only one to decide the trips and stuff for achieving my fear!

my dad, mum and marinaferfont

my dad, mum and marinaferfont


My life has always been UNIQUE because of my FRATERNAL twin, my FUNNY daddy, my SARCASTIC older sister and my LOUD-MOUTHED mommy.

We go to a lot of journeys together with our SUPER motorhome. We went to lots of places like:
England, Germany, Holand, France and Portugal.
America doesn’t count because I haven’t gone yet and because I’m not going to America with the motorhome.

My family , for fun, invented nicknames for us due to our personalities. Marinaferfont was called Gum by virtue of her flexibility. Claraferfont was called Sarcastic y reason of saying lots of sarcastic things. Daddy was called Big Donkey as having lots of bags and stuff. My mum was called Decision for the reason that she never gets decided. Finally, I was called gaseous considering of burbing a lot.

I never get bored with my family. they are fantastic! I love my family!



As you know, marinaferfont is my twin but not my identical twin cause identical twins are born in the same tummy and in the same bag, however, identical twins are born in the same tummy but in different bags. If you still have doubts about it, then comment on my blog and ask.  We are fraternal twins.

Well, some people in my class say that we don´t look the same. On the other hand, some people disagree. My opinion is that we don´t look the same. Seriously.

These days of June, I have been wondering about if marinaferfont and I weren´t twins. Would our lives change? Would our physic change? Would our personality change?

I believe that if we weren´t twins, my sister wouldn´t help me in lots of things cause twins can understand each other which other people can´t.  That really helped me due to my very bad way of speaking (this only happened when I was a four and I couldn´t speak Spanish well , as my first language, so I said strange things THAT ONLY MARINAFERFONT UNDERSTOOD but no one else).

I also think, that if we weren´t twins, then, we wouldn´t have done triathlons. I know this sounds crazy, but it could be true that since we are twins ,which are more delicate, this made marinaferfont to have bronchitis. After to days of incubation, the doctor told my parents that my sister needed to swim and do sport to be healthy and to get rid of the bronchitis. As you know, ourparents immediately  signed us up at a place where we did lifeguarding and swimming. Then, they singed us up to do a triathlon in a club called

If we weren´t twins, this story wouldn´t have happened and loads of stories wouldn´t also have happened. I really like to be a twin. I love my sister. I love my life.


Can you spot my twin?

The exchange girl!

Before this days of summer, a french girl called Domitille Lubineau is doing an exchange with my sister, called Clara. My parents talled me that when I was twelve or thirteen years old, I could do a Swap with Domitille’s sister, called Brunisont Lubineau. I am really nervous to meet her.

Now, the exchange girl is coming to our house and really, I’m not so nervous as I tought before because I knew how the girl was, in the photos. However, I was a bit nervous. but only a bit.

SHE IS HERE NOW!! I can’t believe it! this is so exciting!
My big sister, Clara, was telling her a lot of things in Alicante meanwhile I was playing with some friends of mine.

Two days after, we showed her “Las Hogueras de Sant Joan”. Also, we showed her lots of things like:
Las barracas, las mascletás, los fuegos artificiales… etc….

One day, our uncle decided to do like a party with food and music so my sisters and I decided to do a dance with Domitille. the song that we wanted to dance was called Up Town Funk you up. we did it very well.


Journey to the Adventure!!

My name is duri2501. I am an eleven year old girl which does lots of important and difficult exams for my future. Now, that I have finished the exams, and got an agreeable result, I will like to travel from place to another. The problem is that it will be tiring and we won’t have lots of time so I decided to go to AMERICA!!

The first time I heard that we were going to America, I thought that my parents were crazy! Especially, when they told me that I was going ONLY with my sister (marinaferfont) and my tutor (Maggie). This time, I thought that my parents needed a special treatment for LUNATICS!!

Two long days after, I thought carefully about my journey to America. After all this time, I thought that the trip was a disturbed idea, however, now I think that it could work because I’m old enough to travel without my parents. I should apologise  to them. And start the new adventure!